Thursday, 10 June 2010

The good, the bad and the just plain annoying

The good:

We are in the process of cleaning up around the house to try to make it more saleable so that we can pursue my dream of building a house that will be miles too big when the kids leave home but won't ever be big enough 'til then.

After checking out the laundry side of the house, with my eyes open for a change, I realised just how many triffids weeds there were and decided to put Alex to work helping me clear them out. Whilst he approached this task with all the enthusiasm of someone going into surgery to remove their brain via their rectum without anesthetic, we have managed to achieve a lot. We have filled the trailer to overflowing and apparently now I need to take it to the tip and empty it by myself, because he has 'other things' to do. Hopefully one of them is to study for the exams he has to sit as soon as he gets back to school ...

Anyway, what started out as a punishment, in conjunction with the suspension, has turned into some good one-on-one time together, where we are discussing anything and everything (when I can get my brain to keep up with his!)

The bad:

The usual worry about whether I'm doing enough to help Alex, the endless list of things to do and trying to find a job.

The just plain annoying:

Our fence was damaged in a storm (for those Perthites .. THE storm) back in March and the neighbours and I have been trying to get someone to fix it pretty much since then.

We had a few guys come out and give quotes, who surprisingly enough were on time and which weren't inflated past the stratosphere, but when it came time for them to come out and do the actual job, they all seemed to vanish quicker than chocolate during PMS time.
"I'll call you when I can fit you in."

"Next Wednesday .. definitely."

"Sorry. Can't make it then. Have to make it Tuesday .. week after never."

"What do you mean this is an insurance job? I don't want to wait for my money."

So in which part of "I need a quote for my INSURANCE company to be able to replace my damaged fence" did he hear "Sure. I have a spare three-and-a-half thousand dollars just sitting around for you to have up front"? Because I'm positive that I said the words 'insurance claim' at least four times during our conversation and specifically asked if he was OK with dealing with the insurance company at least twice. (Can you tell I've been burned before?)

Yet he still managed to misunderstand and rang me the night before he was due to start, to tell me that cash was preferable for the full payment, due as soon as the job was completed. When I said that I didn't have access to that much cash, he said to ring him when I had it all together and then he would be out to do the job.

At that point (Wednesday evening), I gave up on him and rang someone else who was only too happy to take an insurance job and who could fit me in Friday. I then spoke to the neighbour to let him know what was going on, only to find out that all four guys had rung him on Wednesday wanting to do the job on Friday. Never rains but it pours!

So ultimately the whinge is what is so hard about doing the job for the agreed price, under the agreed conditions on the agreed date? Apparently all of it!

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