Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The things you do when you should be packing ...

I wrote this the morning of the actual move. When asked to justify my actions, I explained that it was to be my last creative effort for quite some time and that the internet wasn't going to available for an eternity a couple of weeks so I had to get in while I could.
Anyway, here's my attempt at creativity from 6am yesterday with sleep in my eyes and a frantic husband yelling at trying to organise everyone else in the house ....
Dear friends, please note that our address

Has changed since last you were our guests

When you walked in through the door

And one hour’s stay turned into four.

We emptied the cupboards when the kids went to sleep

And soon found ourselves buried knee deep

In stuff we just had to have at the time

But now just makes us whinge and whine

Oh all the packing we have to do

And oh the dramas we’re going through

It will be worth it in a while

But for now, it’s hard to smile

To try to get the phone connected

Is like trying to get a fly elected

To the exalted office of Prime Minister

You’d think we were trying something sinister!

Our internet has gone away

And won’t be returning for many a day

About fourteen at latest estimate

So please don’t send us many messages

As yet we have no new home phone

But please don’t leave us all alone

We can still be reached on our mobile numbers

Just try not to disturb our much needed slumber!

We’re almost packed and on our way

To the beginning of a brand new way

Of life, of love and many guests

Please come visit us at our new address!

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