Saturday, 5 May 2012

Continuing with the frame theme ...

After the success of the menu board, I decided to make up another frame as a sort of "command centre".  I had a huge frame with lots of different size cut-outs in the mat that I was going to fill with various bits and pieces.  After having it hang on the wall for a couple of weeks, I decided it was too big and yet not big enough, if that makes any sense at all, which it probably doesn't 'cos this is me we're talking about after all!

The frame itself was probably not too big, but having all the different little sections made it seem really cluttered and disorganised.  I tried taking the mat out and putting larger pieces of background paper in but that just looked cheap and nasty so I took it down and gave up on the idea for a while.

While shopping for something totally different (glass jars .. a whole other story) I spotted some really cheap frames at Red Dot Maddington ($2.99 down from $8.99) and bought four of those instead.  Of course, being me, I didn't really check them all until I got home, unwrapped them and then found that one was a slightly different size and one was the wrong colour. 

On my next trip over that way, I found that they had completely sold out so I decided to try other Red Dot stores.  None of the other stores I tried had any either so I resigned myself to more spray painting and somehow making the wrong size one work.  They then hung on the wall in all their wrongness with me getting more and more annoyed with myself every time I walked past them. 

Once again I was shopping for something completely different (melamine picnic set plates this time) and found some other frames that I thought might work.  Just as I picked one up, it slipped and as I fumbled for it (and caught it .. yay me!) I spotted two of the original frames I was looking for tucked under the bottom shelf and pushed to the back.  One had a slight scratch but nothing a bit of texta couldn't fix so I did a little happy dance and proceeded to the checkout.

These ones were the right colour and size so they were put on the wall while I pondered how best to dress them up.  (At this point, I realised that the frame I thought was the wrong size was actually the right size but the screw it was hanging on was slightly lower than the others, giving the impression it was a different size .. bugger!)

Enter Pinterest .. yet again!  Pinspiration (here):

The final result:

They are in the main walkway from the front of the house to the back so everyone can see them and so far, people are paying attention to them. That may change as time goes on but I'm enjoying the novelty factor right now!
(Please excuse all the mess in the kitchen.  The slaves .. oops I mean children .. hadn't done the after dinner clean up when I took these photos.)

The lighting isn't the best but that's what you get for taking pictures under artificial light at night time from weird angles to try and avoid camera flash showing up on the glass instead getting weird reflections of yourself looking like your arm is growing out of the side of your head.  Oh well!  I still think the frames look cute!

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