Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Numb nose

As I sit here typing, I am very aware of how strange my nose feels right now. Or rather, how it doesn't feel, because it's numb but only on one side.

I had a skin cancer removed from the left side of the bridge of my nose this afternoon at 5pm. It is now 7:40 and it's still numb. It's the weirdest feeling because it's sort of itchy but if I scratch it, the itch doesn't go away because I can't feel myself scratching.

Luckily the doctor doesn't think it's anything serious but it was bigger than he expected so we'll just have to wait and see. He's sent a sample off for testing but he won't have the results until early next week. One of those hurry up and wait situations that we all love so much.

Putting on the rose-coloured glasses now.. it'll all be fine!

(Public service announcement: Please make sure to get any lumps and bumps on your skin checked out regularly.)

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