Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Tomorrow ..

  • I'm going to be another year older. (meh)
  • I still have to go to work even though it's my birthday. (insert violins here)
  • I have an appointment at the school to discuss how to better support Alex at school. (cautiously optimistic)
  • I'm skipping out of work early because of said school appointment. (Yay!!!)
  • I'm hoping to catch up with Clare (my 'baby' sister) and Mum for a quick lunch before I head to the appointment. (Yay and yum!)
  • I have to buy a birthday present for my sister-in-law Bec, because it's her birthday today. (beating self about head for being so slack and not getting organised sooner!)
  • I will try to talk the children into making me a birthday cake. (Mmmm, maybe not such a good idea because I will probably end up cleaning chocolate cake batter off the ceiling .. again!)
  • I will just enjoy the day.

(Just in case you hadn't noticed .. there are a lot of 'I' statements up there because tomorrow is all about me!!!)


Kaye said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Lita said...

Well, it's tomorrow now so....Happy Birthday!!