Sunday, 15 February 2009

Never before has the name of this blog been so appropriate

'Life, one day at a time ..' is the perfect way to describe the last week. Another way would be: 'get up, survive, go back to bed'.

Overall, things are going as well as can be expected despite the few minor issues that always seem to appear when you least want them to. For example:

  • The inexperienced funeral director who managed to put Peter's name in the deceased section of of the 7 forms she had to fill out;
  • Setting off Neil's house alarm, not being able to turn it off for a full ten minutes and then fielding calls from the security company who didn't believe he had passed away because they don't have any paperwork about it yet;
  • Bradley getting sick (legitimately .. not just upset) and having to be picked up from school 20 minutes before the funeral director was due to arrive to discuss the arrangements;
  • The dog puking on the floor inside the doorway right where I would have stepped if I hadn't been paying attention;
  • Me slipping in a patch of water and landing very heavily on my butt leaving a bruise the size of my hand that's now turned lots of pretty colours;
  • Having a rather insensitive boss who queried whether I really needed to take time off because it was my father-in-law that died and not my own parent.

We've managed to sort most of those thing out and are focused on getting through the viewing tomorrow and the funeral on Tuesday.

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent their condolences .. it's really comforting to know that others do care.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Glad to hear that you are getting through this. I know you have had a few tough days and I have been thinking of you and Pete everyday. I will see you on Tuesday - you will probably need a hug by then. Luv U!!