Monday, 16 March 2009

You'd think that I'd post more ...

now that I have all this time on my hands, yet I haven't had the urge to sit and type something for ages. Last week's post was one of those "Christmas letter" type posts .. you know, the ones where you condense everything that's happened down to a couple of paragraphs and call it done.

This is the beginning of the third week since I finished work and I'm only just starting to get my head around the fact that I'm able to plan my own days and do what I want to do. Still trying to work out what I want to do versus what I feel I have to do.

Some more of the things I thought I'd do more of but haven't yet:

  • scrapping
  • cleaning
  • gardening
  • sewing
  • walking
  • having coffee with friends during the week
  • organising

I haven't been sitting around doing absolutely nothing but if you saw the state of my house, you certainly think that! Mind you, so far I've managed to:

  • finish the curtains for the master bedroom (finally .. only taken 4 months!)
  • do a bazillion loads of washing (I made the boys clean up the floors in their rooms .. sigh!)
  • make about 50 phone calls following up things that should have been dealt with ages ago
  • do three years worth of tax returns for a friend's mother and brother
  • clean the patio area (except for all the tools, leftover trampoline parts and all the spare bits & pieces)
  • read about 19 books
  • um ... not much else due to the previous point!

I'm finally starting to feel a bit more relaxed but that may change tomorrow. Peter is coming home early to help me try to work out what to with Alex and his uncanny ability to get himself into trouble at school. Wonder which side of the family he gets that from?? Not my side!! (said with tongue firmly planted in cheek .. where's that angel smiley when you need it?)

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Kaye said...

19 books??? Wow! That's terrific. I haven't even read 19 books yet this year. LOL!