Thursday, 16 July 2009

Of all the things I can handle ...

...having a cold isn't one of them!

Headaches - not too much of a problem.

Bellyaches - standard around here.

Actual bleeding wound - whack a bandaid on it. I'll be fine. "It's only a flesh wound!" (name that movie)

But a cold ... waaah ... stop the world; I want to get off!!

I started getting a scratchy throat yesterday morning and it had developed into a sore right ear by lunchtime and now is a full blown blocked nose, but only on the side with the 'diseased' sinus, that still manages to drip despite not being able to blow it, causing the ear on the same side to feel like it is packed with concrete and some little construction worker jackhammering away just for the fun of it, resulting in one very sore and lopsided-feeling head. Well, more lopsided than usual anyway.

I think I'll go ask Kleenex for some freebies because between my tissue use and Brad's toilet paper use, I sure I'm single-handedly keeping them in business!


Lita said...

Oh poo - hope you feel better soon hun!

Gillian said...

I have a cold too at the moment. I haven't done anything the past couple of days just because I feel lousy.

Funny about the tissues. Think I've gone through an entire box, luckily it's rubbish night tonight.

Hope you're feeling better soon.