Saturday, 22 May 2010

Computers suck!

More precisely .. computer problems suck!

My desktop had been running more and more slowly over the past couple of weeks but I had put it down to the fact that the boys had always been on the 'net at the same time I was. Last Monday it decided to turn itself off in the middle of my morning blog reading session and hasn't been playing at all since then.

I tried using Alex's laptop but it didn't want to let me have access to my posting page, Andrew's laptop has the ominous blue screen of death appearing at random times and Bradley's laptop didn't have internet access so I have been unable to post for a while.

I have finally managed to get Bradley's laptop to talk to the internet and the printer so I am back .. when I can wrest it away from his vice-like grip. Apparently, playing games is ever so much more important than allowing your mother her internet fix.

After a little 'chat' (give Mummy the laptop or she will go even more crazy than usual!), he agreed to let me use it on the proviso that I "don't break it as well." According to him, I have the computer death touch .. I touch it too much and it dies. We have yet to negotiate exactly what constitutes too much but hopefully I will be able to get mine fixed before his dies. Then we can share again ... oh what joy!!

Thank you Brad for being nice to your internet-deprived mother and allowing me to hog your laptop while you are in bed! I promise I'll try not to kill it ....

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