Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I went over to Mum's to pick her up for an appointment this morning and as I was waiting for the garbage truck to move away from the end of her driveway so I could back out, I noticed a car sitting about 10 metres down the road. Because Mum lives second house in from the corner of a main road, I figured they were waiting for the truck to go around the corner instead of trying to pass it.

The truck moved on a bit further and the driver of the car waved for me to back out in front of her. Just as I went to do so, I realised the truck had gone into reverse and was backing up towards the car so I stopped and waited, thinking the truck driver had seen her and would stop.

You can probably guess what happened ... he hadn't seen her and didn't stop until he'd run the truck right up the front of her car, all while we sat there in stunned disbelief. I sounded my horn as soon as I realised he hadn't seen her but unfortunately it was too late. Luckily she wasn't moving forward or I'm sure he would have driven right over the top of the car.

We were out of our car like a shot to check on the driver of the car who really needs to buy a lottery ticket as she wasn't hurt, just very shaken up. The truck driver wasn't much better and I thought we'd have to call an ambulance for him because he seemed to be in a greater state of shock then she was!

She lives just around the corner so was able to call her husband to come and get her and the car, which it turns out is only 3 months old. Her husband was trying to make a bad situation better by joking to the truck driver that he should have just finished the job, then they'd be able to get a new car, but the poor guy just went even paler at the thought that it could have been worse. His bosses arranged for him to swap with one of the roadside junk collection crew members so he wouldn't have to drive, but I think they should have sent him home. He didn't look well at all!

After swapping all our details for the insurance companies, the car driver had calmed down enough to go home, the truck driver was back at work and we were free to go on to the appointment at the financial planner, which was a massive anti-climax, let me tell you!

Coming home to deal with Bradley and his bowel problems after all that excitement was another anti-climax, but at least Brad produced more of a result than the financial planner. Basically the same stuff, just in different formats!

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