Sunday, 23 August 2009

"Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of ...

... winter."

I know that's not how the song really goes but that's what it's been like around here today.

Very lazy ... all I've done for most of the day is read and the kids are quietly entertaining themselves without hurting each other, so all's good on that front.

Rather hazy ... due to the laziness and the inevitable sleepiness that comes with not doing much and the cloudiness outside that is contributing to the lethargy.

Crazy ... pretty self-explanatory around here. There's always at least one of us pondering the mysteries of the universe and coming out with totally random thoughts.

I had about twenty things lined up in my head to do this morning but then I finished waking up, realised it was all just a nightmare and I didn't have to do anything if I didn't want to .. except for the washing. Why do we all seem to run out of underwear on the one day I decide to not do any laundry? I do washing every day of the week and yet there never seems to be enough clean underwear in this house! Now that you know all about my house and it's underwear problem, I think it might be time to change the subject.

I was also going to scrap today, but mojo must be hiding with the underwear because I have absolutely no inspiration whatsoever. Sorry, there's that underwear word again. I'll try harder to change the subject next time.

Alex just asked me what my favourite part of life was and when I answered "waking up every morning because it means I'm still alive", he laughed at me. I thought it was a fair answer but there's obviously some hidden meaning he gets that I don't.

Ooh, look at that ^^ ... a whole paragraph without the word underwear. See I can do it!! Just not for two in a row ... oh well, need more practise.

On that note, this lazy, hazy, crazy person is going to take herself off for a cup of tea, a good book and another session of ignoring the eldest child who is now sitting in the doorway of his room telling all and sundry how bored he is, at full volume. I just love this parenting gig .. it pays so well and the hours are so reasonable.

Drip .... drip .... drip .... drip .... drip .... drip ....

(^^ That's the sarcasm dripping. Just in case you didn't notice.)

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