Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Time to tax your brain ...

Bradley has been wandering around the house with a joke book asking things like:
  1. What goes up a chimney down but can't go down a chimney up?
  2. Why did the boy sit on his watch?
  3. What do you call someone who doesn't have all their fingers on one hand?
  4. Why is a bride always out of luck on her wedding day?
  5. What two words starts with P and end with E and have a million letters in them?
  6. Which word if pronounced right is wrong and wrong is right?
  7. What burns longer: a 10cm candle or a 20cm candle?
  8. What can you hold but never touch?
  9. What is the centre of gravity?
  10. Where does Friday come before Wednesday?
  11. What starts with E, ends with E and only has one letter in it?
  12. What has holes and holds water?
  13. What has four fingers and a thumb but is not a hand?
  14. How long should a person's legs be?
  15. What do you a ship that lies on the bottom of the ocean and shakes?

Brad wanted me to put these questions up overnight and see how many of you got the right answers but I'm not that cruel! Answers are:

  1. An umbrella.
  2. Because he wanted to be on time.
  3. Normal.
  4. Because she never marries the best man.
  5. Post Office.
  6. Wrong.
  7. Neither; they both burn shorter.
  8. A conversation or your breath.
  9. V.
  10. In the dictionary.
  11. Envelope.
  12. A sponge.
  13. A glove.
  14. Long enough to reach their feet.
  15. A nervous wreck.

Now that I've have totally used up all my brain power, I'd better go do something that doesn't require any in depth thinking, like housework.

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