Tuesday, 7 January 2014

So many things to do ...

and never enough hours in the day to do them all.

Well, that's not strictly true.  There are plenty of hours; it's just that I have a tendency to waste use them differently .. like instead of painting my many, many walls, I spend hours and hours 'some' time playing mindless games on the computer. Or instead of actually making some of the wonderful things I keep pinning, I keep pinning and dreaming of making some of the wonderful things.

As I followed along with the blogosphere with my last post, I figured I would do the same with this one.  (Be gentle please, I'm trying to find my mojo again).

So I can hear you asking:  What is my resolution for 2014? (And yes, I did mean to type resolution .. as in single, one, only, not-setting-myself-up-for-total-failure-this-time, forget-the-diet-and-get-fit-bandwagon, solitary and much-easier-to-cope-with).

Nice and simple answer:  I want to do more this year.  By more, I mean detach myself from all of my electronic distractions (yes, I realise I'm on one now .. sssh I'm on a roll!) and actually start (and hopefully complete) more craft projects, more DIY stuff around the house, more gardening and more just being without a screen.

In theory, this sounds really easy but it's rather hard at times to put the devil electronic distractions behind me and focus on the real world. It something I keep telling my boys to do (go outside .. the graphics are better!) but haven't done myself. What's that old saying .. children learn what they live? I obviously am way more addicted than I thought I was if their addiction are anything to go by ...

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