Sunday, 7 December 2008

Totally random thoughts ...

  • If Aquarius is the water-bearer, why is it an air sign?
  • Do I really need a pet?
  • Why are there always more bills than money?
  • When will I get my head around the fact that I am the only person who can make me lose weight?
  • Does not having a favourite food make me weird?
  • I wonder if my children will understand me spending time with their father, just the two of us, even though we could be spending that time together as a family.
  • Why is it OK to say kil-om-etre but not kil-og-ram?
  • Is Christmas in retail really the seventh circle of hell?
  • Why is it seen as more socially acceptable for boys to burp and fart and not for girls?
  • If the grass is greener on the other side, wouldn't that just make it harder to mow?
  • Why do the censors ban the viewing of the outside of a naked human body but not the inside of it?
  • How does the washing pile grow from a single hill to an entire mountain range overnight?
  • Why do the plants you paid a fortune for need water and fertiliser to grow, but the weeds can do just fine without either?
  • What do you buy the person who needs nothing and wants nothing for Christmas?
  • Where has my scrapping mojo gone? And can I go there too?
  • How did that countdown ticker miss so many days? There was over 35 days last time I looked .. I'm sure there was!!
  • Why do my children's hugs always make me forget all the things I was annoyed at them for?

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