Friday, 26 December 2008

'Twas the day after Christmas ...

and all through the house,
all you could hear was the click of a mouse.
Dad was busy configuring the laptops,
as Mum did some washing and hung out the jocks.
The children were happily playing with toys,
while the dog was busy making heaps of noise.
The stockings were empty and the cupboard was bare,
because all of the family had eaten their share.
There was plenty of food and presents galore
and not one person was left wanting more.
They came, they saw, they talked and they ate,
and for once didn't whinge about anything not to their taste!
All in all a good Christmas was had by us all
but who gave the dog that damn squeaky ball????
Now I have two days to spend with my boys
if only I could drag them away from their toys!

(with apologies to whoever wrote the original night before Christmas poem)


Lita said...

ROFL Love it Donna!
I'll trade you my 4ft long, batter operated, lights and LOUD sounds fire engine, for you lil squeaky ball!! I tell you, if I hear "EXTEND THE LADDER!" one more flippin time lol

Donna said...

You had me a bit worried with the "4ft long, battery operated" part for a minute there! Can totally relate to the make it stop mentality. Hopefully it won't make you too insane!!