Saturday, 13 December 2008

Another week over ..

and closer to Christmas .. noooooo! There's still so much to organise and never enough hours available. When, oh when will they invent a cloning machine .. for temporary clones of course, because the world couldn't cope with multiple copies of me and it most certainly couldn't cope with copies of some of the "challenging" individuals I work with. I have enough trouble coping with the originals!!

Anyway, the week that was went something like this:

Sunday: went looking for lounges for the games room and ended up at a pet shop instead. Decided not to buy the extremely cute puppy we found and went home to wonder if we'd made the right decision.

Monday: Back to work to find out I'd been volunteered for more crappy time-consuming fiddly jobs. Chucked a major paddy and manged to delegate most of them back from whence they came. Found out we have stocktake three weeks after Christmas right in the middle of the back-to-school sales. Wondered about the mentality of the higher-ups who make these stupid decisions. Gave up on trying to find logic in their thought processes and wondered some more about the puppy decision.

Tuesday: Went back to buy the puppy but he'd already been sold. Had a look at the other puppies in that shop but they were all kelpie or heeler crosses .. not good in a standard suburban backyard. Went to work in a foul mood because how dare they sell my puppy! Peter came over to work to show me photos of another lot of puppies at a different shop that weren't kelpies or heelers. Went to pet shop after work and bought Brutus. Spent hours wondering if we'd done the right thing (all this wondering and second-guessing is a hobby of mine!)

Wednesday: Went to visit Jackie before work to have a cuppa and a chat. It still amazes me that even with the minuscule amount of time we have together, we can just pick up where we left off. Gotta love that!! Went to work very reluctantly and wondered some more about the puppy decision. Bradley rang me to tell me that there was something very wrong with Brutus. After figuring out that there was nothing wrong as such, just boredom, I went back to dealing with the Mt Everest of paperwork that was threatening to take over my desk. Went home to be greeted very effusively by Brutus and Andrew. Patted them both and then cleaned up all the 'presents' that had been left for me to deal with.

Thursday: Realised it was my second last day of doing the invoice job and I could go back to my own job next week .. woohoo!! As much as I liked the later starts, I want my comfort zone back. Talked to the boss about reducing my hours next year and he seemed fairly receptive to the idea. Received a phone call from home every time Brutus breathed, drank, ate or even moved. Took Brutus to the vet after work for his post-purchase check-up. He was running a slight temp but apparently that's normal due to the stress of all the changes he's gone through. Kids went to Mum's for the night so I played with Brutus until 8:30 then wrapped some presents.

Friday: Woke up feeling a bit under the weather. Realised I hadn't taken my happy pills for two days which explained the impending panic attack feeling. Went to work and left Brutus completely on his own in the house for the first time. Received a phone call when Mum dropped the boys home, to tell me that Brutus had done 2 poos and 3 wees and had eaten all his breakfast and that he was breathing and playing and running and, and, and..... Fought my way through another ginormous pile of paperwork and escaped from work exactly on time. Raced home to see Brutus, oops I mean the children, because they were headed out for a sleepover at Elle's house so I could go out to a scrapping night with Debbie. Went to scrapping night with Debbie and managed to actually achieve some more pages in Peter's car album. Had fun and really enjoyed the company. Came home and played with Brutus some more before crawling into bed about midnight.

Today (so far): 'Slept in' until 7:10am and so far have had a very lazy morning. I had planned to go pick up some laybys and wrap them before the kids got home but I've decide to leave that until the last minute like everything else. If I'm good at anything, it's procrastination!

So now you have the full details of my boring week, I'm going to go do some even more boring and mundane things like mop the floors, do some washing, clean up some more 'presents', wrap some presents (no, not 'those' ones; the good kind!), etc, etc, etc ...

Have a great day!

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