Wednesday, 18 November 2009

You know you live with a house full of boys when ...

  • there are more items of clothing on the floor in their rooms than in their wardrobes.
  • you are the only one who seems to think this a problem.
  • you find yourself doing the 'sniff test' on clothing you find around the house.
  • you use almost an entire container of spak-filla patching all the dents and dings in the walls of only one room!
  • you buy clothing, manchester, furniture and paint based on whether the colour of said item will show food and/or bloodstains.
  • despite spending over $300 on groceries, there's "nothing in the house to eat."
  • they yell at you "where's my (insert item here)" and then yell "it's not there. I already looked" only to mumble a very sheepish "Thanks Mum" when you walk in and take said item off the shelf where you said it was, which happens to be right in front of their face, and then hand it to them.
  • you turn the TV up to drown out the sounds of "Kill him!" coming from the other room.
  • despite having an entire wardrobe full of clothes to choose from, they wear the same three items over and over again until said items come crawling down the hallway to find you, begging to be washed.
  • you realise that you understand a foreign language ... 'grunt'.
  • you're told someone is hurt and your response is "No bones or blood? Still breathing and conscious? Yes? Then I'm not interested!"
  • you burp and say "better out than in" instead of "pardon me".
  • food stains are considered part of the pattern on the shirt and not as something to be removed.
  • you have to remind them that deodorant, soap and toothpaste are there for them to use more than once a week and aren't just decorations in the bathroom.
  • despite having been in the shower for over ten minutes, they still come out with dirty hands, feet and hair.
  • they start coming up with alternative uses for your kitchen utensils. Did you know that a pasta server makes a good back scratcher?
  • topics you would be uncomfortable discussing with your doctor become standard dinner table conversation.
  • you realise that dyslaundria and fridge blindness are real!

And yet, despite all of this, all they have to do is give me a hug and all is forgiven.

Well, almost all...

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Lita said...

Not just boys! lol