Friday, 15 January 2010

Random stuff ...

  • I have five posts sitting in my draft folder at the moment but none of them 'feel' right so I've buried them for now and will revisit them another time.
  • There's only 2 weeks and 2 days until the boys are back at school.
  • School and the requisite pieces of equipment are expensive!!
  • The dog has managed to leave the second lot of stitches in (so the vet can remove them this time!) and seems to be healing very well. Will know more on Monday when we have his follow-up visit.
  • I have been having the urge to be creative but every time I sit at my desk, the urge disappears faster than a child asked to pick up the dog poop.
  • Cherries are my (current) favourite food. Just in case anyone wants to buy me some before they go out of season again .. hint, hint!
  • Children grow up way too fast!
  • We have managed to spend our first night as a family at the block! Pros: the beautiful breeze all night, millions of stars, 'camping' in style with a working toilet! Cons: no curtains (good morning sunshine!!), freight trains, no breeze during the day and did I mention the trains?
  • Had another fill put into my gastric band today. According to their (obviously defective) scales, I have lost a grand total of 16.2 kilos. According to my (much nicer) scales, I have lost 18.8 kilos. Admittedly, I weigh myself first thing in the morning, after my morning ablutions, before getting dressed whereas they weigh me after lunch, fully clothed and usually busting for the toilet. (I suffer from timing issues!)
  • As much as the boys drive me nuts at times, it has been nice to be able to interact with them more on their level over the holidays. I have made a concerted effort to not have 'No' be my immediate response to any request and as a result have been instructed in the finer points of a few Wii games; played the Monopoly Deal card game, UNO and Connect 4X4; made biscuits with them and taken them out more than I would have done in the past.
  • Why do desired plants need water and care to grow but weeds will grow anywhere? To quote my Nanna "A weed is just a flower growing out of place" but seriously, is there a right place for bindiis and double-gees?
  • I'm really backing off on a very long-lived relationship with a friend who I thought helped me get through some tough times, but it turned out that they were the cause of quite a few tough times. So, as much as it pains me, I have to say that sugar (as well as his cousins, lollies and chocolate) and I are no longer as close as we once were and will never be again. Some relationships just aren't worth the pain!
  • I should probably seek psychiatric help in dealing with the previous comment. As if sugar is going to care that I'm cooling our relationship .. he's got plenty of others on the line!
  • On a more serious note, as Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the same island and presumably the same earthquake, why are we only hearing about the devastation in Haiti? Did the earthquake know to stop at the border?
  • Facebook is evil, I tell you ... EVIL!!

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