Monday, 18 January 2010

Random things from today ...

  • The towels that I hung on the line yesterday morning (and forgot to bring in until this afternoon) were so dry from being out in the 43 degree heat that they could literally stand up on their own. I wasn't game to fold them in case they broke in half! So what did I do with them? I spritzed them with water and hung them over the clothes horse to dry again .. inside where it's cooler.
  • Brutus had his stitches out this morning and he's now officially known as a 'biter'. I did warn the vet nurse that ever since his car accident, he's been 'just a touch' defensive and snappy but she didn't listen until he nearly took her glasses off. Then he had to wear a muzzle so they could finish the job and check on the status of his double ear infection. Never rains but it pours!
  • I have managed to organise some of my scrapping stash so that I can actually see what I have. Hopefully this will motivate me to actually scrap something by the end of the week.
  • Alex came back from his sleepover at Chris's house and peace reigned for approximately 7 minutes. For once, it wasn't Alex who started the needling; it was Bradley!
  • It is now 10:19pm and it is still 30 degrees Celsius outside. I think it is about 28 inside as someone *cough cough me cough cough* forgot to close the back door after hanging the washing out and let all the hot air into the house. You'd think I'd know better by now.
  • There is an extra little person in my bed tonight as it is so hot and we have only two rooms with airconditioning (don't know how we survived without it as kids!) Alex and Drew are sleeping in the games room and Brad has crawled into my bed. Here's hoping he stays on his side of the bed this time!
  • Need to drink more water fluid Cosmopolitan slushies .. yum!! Seriously though, for all of you who are suffering through this heat with me, please remember to drink lots of fluid, not just water because in this heat, drinking excessively large amounts of water can upset your electrolyte balance (or so my doctor says). I have a headache from not drinking quite enough today, so I'm off to have another glass full and then off to bed.

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