Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Recent conversations ...

Me: Good afternoon! How was your day?
Brad: Aren't you going to ask me if I learned anything today?
Me: In a minute. How was your day?
Brad: Educational.
Me: That sounds interesting. What did you learn today?
Brad: That it hurts when a basketball hits you in the face.
Me: Ouch! You OK?
Brad: Yep. Just missing a few more brain cells. I'll be fine ... eventually!

Andrew: Hey Mum!
Me: Yes Drew?
Andrew: Prepare yourself!
Me: Sounds ominous! What for?
Andrew: (jumping around the corner in the hallway dressed only in undies)
For the adventures of Nearly-Nude Man! (strikes superhero pose)
Me: (laughing) Who?
Andrew: Nearly-Nude Man! Ta-dah!!
Me: Well, Nearly-Nude Man needs to change back into the mild-mannered Andrew, and some clothes, before his arch enemy the Tickle Monster finds him!
On that note though, I suppose it would make more sense to be a superhero dressed only in undies:
  • no cape to get caught in things.
  • very easy to change into your crime-fighting outfit.
  • no expensive costume to keep replacing because some super-villain managed to damage it.
  • no agonising over the colours and/or symbols to go on the costume in the first place.
  • very easy to get back into your mild-mannered persona's clothes (provided you can remember where you left them!)

On the down side:

  • it would be rather embarrassing if you were going commando and forgot.
  • it was washing day and you were wearing your 'only-in-case-of-laundry-emergency' undies.
  • having to have lots of the same type and colour of undies so people recognised you as a superhero and not as some weirdo running around in their underwear.
  • it could be rather cold which, in the case of male superheroes, could result in shrinkage and diminishing your 'image' in the eyes of your fans.
What do you think?

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