Monday, 12 July 2010

Woohoo .. the finance is approved!

Now we're in more debt .. oh yay!!

Seriously though, it's great news 'cos it means we're one step closer to moving into the home we have all had some input into. Peter will have his hhuuugggeee garage, I will have my central kitchen, practical linen cupboard and pantry, rooms that aren't traffic areas, lots of storage space and heaps more. Even the boys have put forward several ideas for the new place we're building; some of which have been accepted and more which have not. At least they're helping!

Now we just have to:

  • pick colours for tiles, roofing materials, bricks, bench tops and walls,
  • work out where all the lights and power points are going (and then add more .. can never have too many power points!),
  • deal with inevitable hiccups in building process
  • sort out reticulation and landscaping
  • paint everything
  • actually move in.

And that is after we/I:

  • finish painting this house ready for sale,
  • finish throwing out all the accumulated junk,
  • finish getting rid of excess furniture (anyone need a student desk with hutch/ set of wall units/ extra desks?)
  • sell the house
  • find a rental
  • move into said rental
  • find a job
  • work at said job without killing anyone, least of all self or children
  • survive living in said rental whilst running around like a headless chook organising everything for the new house

Remind me again why we're doing this?

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