Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Missing in action

.. and boy, so much action!! (and not the kind of 'action' that half of you are thinking of, so get your minds above the belt and with the program people! Sheesh!!)

Anyway, as I started to say before your dirty minds led us down a whole 'nother road of moral issues, we've been busy around here lately. I can honestly say that my house hasn't looked like this in ages in a very long time ever!

I'm actually scared to let the children into the house for fear they will breathe and all the banished dust bunnies and spiders will use that little bit of extra oomph to stage their hostile takeover, rendering all our hard work a total waste of time. However, they (the children, not the dust bunnies) objected to sleeping in the car park next door so I had to let them back in, with strict instructions to keep a look out for rampaging hordes of disgruntled evictees.

The photos are being taken this morning at 10am and I still have to:
  • clean 2 bathrooms,
  • replace all the mismatched towels in said bathrooms with colour co-ordinated ones,
  • do the breakfast dishes,
  • make the boys' beds to 'mummy' standards,
  • vacuum carpets,
  • mop tiles,
  • dust (again! Where does it all come from?)
  • convince husband to pack up his 'stuff' from the floor of the bedroom,
  • recover from 'convincing' husband,
  • and about a hundred other things that I will only think of once the photographer has left and I am perusing the photos on the website.

Yet here I sit telling anyone who will listen that I have so much to do and so little time!

Oh-oh .. husband is home from taking the kids to school. I think I'm about to get 'motivated' in a big way! If you don't hear from me by the weekend, send in a search party.

I'll probably be buried in the garage under everything else we've 'hidden' down there.

Bring heavy digging equipment and sniffer dogs ...


E. said...

I can send 2 Labradors. But I think they would only try to sniff out food. Sorry.

Donna said...

Sniffing out food would be fine .. especially if it's chocolate!