Sunday, 21 September 2008

I never realised how many ..

house rules my kids had actually listened to until I heard them telling Alex's friends:
  • "You can't ...",
  • "We have to ...",
  • "That goes away here not there"
  • "We're not allowed to .."
  • "Only one at a time"

and my personal favourite:

  • "Put it away yourself. Mum's not your slave!"

All in all, it's been a relatively quiet night despite having 5 boys in the house (2 x 13yo, 1 x 12yo, 1 x 11yo & 1 x 9yo). I think the 3 older boys finally fell asleep some time around 2am after their sugar-filled 'midnight' feast at 11pm. Luckily for them, they let me sleep in this morning until 9am or there would have been bloodshed for sure!

Now I just have to negotiate the wreckage that is my kitchen for a cup of coffee and then I can start the day in earnest. Or not.


Lita said...

Wow, you have thos rare, elusive type of children that actually listen lol Well Done!

Donna said...

That's just the thing though .. they don't listen when I want them too or when I ask them nicely!