Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Group dynamics

My store manager has just started 9 weeks long service leave and man, what a difference in the atmosphere!

Don't get me wrong, he's a nice enough person, but his people management skills suck. Add to that the very strong personality mix we have, and it's a recipe for disaster. Well, a lot of fights anyway. One of the other department managers is off too, another very strong negative personality, so the whole place has such a different feel about it.

I'm trying to work out if it's affecting others as much as me. I am able to get more work done in less time and can actually take a lunch break because I'm not having to deal with him and all the others who try to avoid him and come to me. Mind you, they are still coming to me, but they don't have to get through him first .. cutting out the middle (management) man. LOL!

Back to my original thought, it really is amazing how much a situation can change just by removing or modifying one single element/person. I know there's been lots of studies done about just that, but until you see it, you just don't realise how much we are all inter-connected, whether it's negative or positive.

I'm off to try to be a positive influence on the world around me .. for today at least!!

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