Sunday, 10 August 2008

I hate windy nights!

Although it has been relatively windy around around here for at least four days, I've only gotten hayfever today. It used to be that as soon as the wind started, I'd start sneezing immediately but it would get a lot easier to breathe without sneezing after the first 24 hours.

Now it's pretty much the opposite. The wind starts and I'm fine for a couple of days then all of a sudden, I can't see, breathe or stop my eyes from watering. I have tried every over-the-counter anti-histamine and some that require a prescription, all to no avail. I get some short term relief, usually about an hour, then it's back to being full on.

I know that this too will pass, but I am just in whingeing mood! Thanks for letting me vent!

1 comment:

Lita said...

Whinge all you want - that's what blogs are for! lol Venting may not solve the problem but it sure can make ya feel better! :p
Hope you're feeling better soon!