Monday, 18 August 2008

Attack of the evil twins ...

First of all ... get your minds out of the gutter! This is a clean story about my "innocent" little boys who have obviously been watching waaaayy too much TV.

I was sitting in the lounge room last night while the boys were watching some incredibly boring, oops I mean wonderfully entertaining, cartoon show. Andrew came down to give me a hug and sit with me for a while but soon got sick of being tickled, so after a few not-so-half-hearted attempts at knocking my glasses up my nose and into my brain, he went back to the TV room.

Once I had recovered some of my sight, I called Bradley down for a cuddle. He answered me and when I spotted a Bradley size blur coming down the hallway, I just assumed it was him, until Andrew landed in my lap again. The following conversation ensued:

Me: "You're not Bradley."

Andrew: "I know. I'm Yeldarb, his evil twin, come to get the Mummy monster! Bwahahahaha! (insert more evil genius laughing here)"

Playing along, I made the appropriate scared girlie noises at which point Bradley comes running from the other room. (Bear in mind, he didn't have a clue what Andrew had just said because he was totally focused on whatever was happening on the TV).

Bradley: "Yeldarb! How did you escape from maniac prison?"

Andrew: "I'm an evil genius, remember? Why would I tell you anyway?"

Bradley: "Because I'm Werdna; Andrew's evil twin. Can't you recognise me?"

Andrew: "Of course I can't! You look just like him! That's why you're twins silly .. you look like each other."

Then they both started talking about the other evil geniuses in the house, Xela and Annod.

Andrew: "So, have you seen Xela around lately?"

Bradley: "Yeah but I stay out of his way. He's really a maniac!"

Andrew: "Annod is too! She's the worst one of all of us!!"

Me: "No she's not! She's the coolest one!!"

Andrew and Bradley together: "In your dreams Mummy monster!!"

Silence while I glare at both of them.

Andrew: "Hey I've got a great idea. We should form our own evil genius union. Then we'd get paid better and wouldn't get caught so much."

Bradley: "But if we form a union, we might actually have to do some evil genius things and I really can't be bothered right now."

Andrew: "Same time next week then?"

Bradley: "Sure. See you later Yeldarb. I'm off to turn back into Bradley. He gets nicer things than Werdna does. Priorities you know!"

Sometimes I wonder just what goes on inside their heads. Then I realise I really don't want to know .. it's safer that way!!

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Lita said...

ROFL How funny is that!! You're boys sound adorable!