Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Why oh why?

Why ...

  • .. do children wait until the last possible minute to tell you they need a costume for a school event? Five minutes before they have to be on the school bus doesn't even give me enough time to yell at them, let alone find them a King David costume. "No, we don't have any white sheets, towels, tablecloths or even clothes. We live in a house full of boys; of course we don't have anything white!" (He ended up wearing a dress provided by one of the girls! Nobody tell Pete .. sssshhh!)
  • .. do the stupidest people seem to get promoted the quickest? I realise that working in retail saps a lot of a person's common sense and logical thought processes, but when even the customers ask if he's been employed as part of an 'Equal Employment Program for the Intellectually Challenged', surely the big bosses should realise the truth!
  • .. is it, that when you find an item of clothing you actually like, going out cheap, they don't have it in your size? Admittedly, "side-of-a-house" isn't really a size I want to buy, but I didn't think it would be that hard to find something that fits without making me look like the aforementioned side-of-a-house on some mind-altering drug trip.
  • .. when you feel like eating a particular food, that you thought you had stashed very well in your pantry for just such a moment, it has mysteriously disappeared? All I wanted was a handful of peanuts .. not the ones I get paid; the kind you eat .. but they have vanished into thin air. Is the Universe trying to tell me something?
  • .. is it so cold when the sun is out and shining happily? Maybe because I'm sitting in here looking at it through the window instead of being out in it. Nah, that can't be it. I was out in it before and I was still cold. Come back hot flashes! All is forgiven .. for now!!
  • .. can I say something twenty times and it doesn't sink in, but when someone else says it, it's all of a sudden a good idea? And not just at home either. I kind of expect it here .. that lovely parent-child/mother-son thing .. but when it happens at work as well, I just want to scream! But that would just give me a headache, so it's probably not worth it, right?
  • .. are there never enough hours in the day to complete everything you feel you need to do? I suppose it's just all a matter of priorities. I mean, I could be hanging out washing, mopping the floor, cleaning bathrooms or weeding. Then again, I could be reading, scrapping, playing/talking with the boys or having some quality me time. Priorities people!
  • .. is it that no matter how many things I find to whinge about, I can always laugh about them in the end? It may take time, but I'll usually get there. Cosmic balance I suppose. (And the fact that some things really are only funny ten years later).

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Lita said...

Took the words right outta my mouth! You and I must be kindred spirits medear lol