Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Not again!

Had another call from the school today to say that Alex has been suspended for fighting again. (I'm sure they have my phone number on speed dial by now!) Another three days of sitting at home not having to do any work .. is it really a punishment?

It appears to be another incidence of Alex 'snapping' and fighting back against the admittedly non-physical bullying and I have explained (again) that violence is never the answer. The scary part this time is that the whole school principal wants to see us tomorrow to 'discuss the situation.' I hope that means she's going to be a bit more involved and make the school psychologist get off her high horse and come to assess the situation at the school, instead of dispensing her wisdom from her comfy little office far, far away.

We have an appointment with an outside (non-school) psychologist for an assessment (and possibly some anger management techniques) but of course that's not for another two weeks and even then, she wants to see me first to decide whether or not she thinks she can help Alex. (I'd go somewhere else, but all the psychologists who deal solely with autistic kids/teens are booked out until the new year.)

He knows what he did was wrong and is currently very worried about what the principal is going to say tomorrow. I hope he gets some sleep because I know I probably won't!

Hope everyone else's day was better than mine!!

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Lita said...

Good luck with it all darl - hope they have a plan of action not just pointless words!