Monday, 24 November 2008

How much????

Remember Alex's little trip in an ambulance? Well, I got the bill today .. $607! Once I got over my initial apoplectic fit, luckily not requiring an ambulance to bring me round, all I could say to that was thank God for private health cover!!

I was going to make a whole series of smart arse comments along the lines of "I didn't realise the piece of cheesecloth they gave him for a sling was made from spun gold" but then realised how petty that would sound. So I decided to stick with "priority 2 call huh? Would they have wanted to perform surgery on me for a priority one call .. you know, to remove an arm and a leg?" until I thought that sounded rather mean-spirited too.

In the end I decided to go with "better safe than sorry" and "thank you very much for being there whenever you're needed" and "by the way, do you accept first born children as part payment? No? Oh well, worth a try!"

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Lita said...

Ouch - that would have hurt more than the original injury!!