Monday, 10 November 2008

There's three in the bed ...

and the little one said:

"You can't come in here 'cos there's no room .. ha ha!!"

I got out of bed on Sunday morning for the obligatory morning comfort stop and went to go back to bed and wait for my coffee and the paper. I kinda figured it would be a long wait but some well timed interrupting of the cartoon shows may have yielded results if they had actually been watching cartoons.

I returned to the bed find three little bodies all making themselves very comfortable and was informed that I couldn't go back to bed because they weren't moving. So I thought to myself that I would get the camera and take pictures of my children being adorably cute for a change. Another idea they soon put paid to.

The littlest one refused to put his head above the doona for me to take a picture because he didn't want me to post it on my blog.

"But Mum! I'm in my pyjamas and I might not like the photo and Mum ... you just can't!!!"

When asked why not, his only response was that some of the mums of kids that go to his school might see it and show their kids .. how embarrassment!!

So now I'm trying to figure out when my most boyish boy turned into a prissy princess!


Lita said...

lol Gotta love em!

MidniteScrapper said...

Too funny. Made me smile!