Wednesday, 5 November 2008

You know the old saying ..

"it never rains but it pours"? Well it's pouring here at the moment.

When I got to work this morning, all hell had broken loose because 'somebody' (me) had dared to use my own initiative and tidy up the office resulting in 'everybody else's' (my direct boss') stuff being 'thrown out'. After having a quick 'girl look' (ie under things and in her desk drawers), I produced said missing stuff and was left alone again for approximately two minutes before the store manager had a minor disaster with the computer system and froze everyone's computers for half an hour.

While I negotiated with the IT 'Help' Desk ('help' my backside!) for the safe return of the usage of our computers and their files, he managed to break the photocopier too. I was sure I could not be the only person in that place capable of working something as basic as a photocopier but today I was proven wrong time and time again. Anything that could break down today, did so with gleeful abandon, usually after being touched by one of three people (Manager, assistant manager and my direct boss). Just when I started to get on top of things, I had another one of 'those' phone calls (but not about the kids this time).

I found out that Mum had to have a biopsy done on some lumps she found last week. In typical-mother-trying-to-protect-her-child-style, she said she didn't tell me because she didn't want me to worry. Having her ring me in tears from outside the procedure room at the hospital was much more calming than warning me in advance .. NOT! Love you dearly mother, but I wish you'd let me help you with this sort of stuff and leave me alone when it comes to house maintenance and gardening! I'm going with her to get the test results tomorrow. Thoughts and prayers gratefully appreciated.

Thank heavens I managed to catch up with Jackie for a chat this morning, and left feeling so much more grounded than I had felt going in. I just hope I didn't take too much of her energy with me when I left!! Thanks Jack .. you're one in a billion and I love you for it!

Anyway, it really is raining and pouring outside so I'll take that as my cue to go and get snoring!

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Lita said...

Oh lordy! Hope you're smiling today and that everything with your mum works out fine :)