Thursday, 3 April 2008

Baby steps

I know what I need to do to lose weight but have just not had the motivation to follow through. Exercise just always seems like too much hard work and the numbers on the scale never seem to go in the direction I want them to. So ....

I have decided to focus less on losing weight and more on increasing my level of fitness.

It's the little things that are making a mental attitude difference. Things like encouraging myself to "move more" instead of "you must exercise"; giving myself permission to eat whatever I want and then finding out I usually don't want it after all; drink water before eating to see if I'm actually hungry or just thirsty; giving myself permission to not finish everything on my plate if I'm not hungry.

These things may seem rather simplistic or be something that others do normally, but for me this is a lightbulb moment. Hopefully these few small things will help to improve my overall attitude to food, fitness and my weight.

Baby steps .. you must walk (and buy a decent sports bra) before you can run!

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