Thursday, 10 April 2008

SS blog challenge #12

Blog Challenge #12 - Getting To Know You

Copy and paste the following section into your blog and answer as best as you can. You can elaborate (I hope you do), you can post pictures, you can be deep, you can be funny. Whatever you choose -just be honest.Second part of the challenge - post a picture (from this week) of you at your computer. Don't worry about cleaning up - just post and have fun.

1) Right now I want: to hire a cleaner. The house looks like a bombsite!

2) I wish I knew how to: be myself. When I work out who that is, it might become a bit easier!

3) When I want to indulge myself, I: read a book or three with a cup of coffee and some good shortbread biscuits.

4) You’ll never see me: skydiving, bungee jumping or walking on anything high that I can see through. Yep, I don't do heights!

5) A childhood memory that I love: having lunch on Dad's ship. He worked for Cable & Wireless as an engineer on several of their ships and we got to go on board for lunch on Sundays if the ship was in port. All the kitchenhands, who were big burly Fijian guys, used to make me extra poppadums and save me the mandarin oranges from the condiments tray for sweets. I still love mandarin oranges to this day!

6) 2 things I do every single day: hug my kids and do laundry.

7) Happiest moment of 2008, so far: No one single moment stands out, so my happiest moments would have to be the times when the kids and I are all happy and laughing at the same time.

8) Describe yourself in 3 words: knowledgeable, introverted, caring

9) 2 scrap related goals for this year: finish 2006 & 2007 family albums and get up-to-date with the boys' baby albums.

10) You have $40 that you MUST spend on yourself – what do you do with it? Buy a new book, or some scrapping stuff. Then again, I've never had a manicure so I might do that instead.


Midnite Scrapper said...

Great answers. The time on your dad's ship sounds wonderful. I look forward to getting to know you more! =]

Lita said...

We sound sooo alike Donna - spooky huh? lol