Wednesday, 30 April 2008

SS Blog Challenge #15

Life Lessons - When was the last time you had a life lesson -- one that made you feel "BETTER" about "YOU"? It doesn't have to be a life altering lesson; it can be something small, it can be something very minor, but it must be a life lesson. And it must be a GOOD life lesson. What was it?

I don't know if this quite fits the challenge but I realised today that I am lovable and am doing a pretty good job of being a mostly 'single' parent (dh works away for two weeks out of three).

I went to pick the boys up from my Mum's house (she had them overnight and watched them today so I could have the skin cancer removed) and when I arrived, they all, even Alex, came running to give me a hug and tell me how much they missed me. They were only gone from 6:30pm last night to 4pm today but they missed me.

I had been beating myself up most of the night last night for yelling at them and just generally being a "bad mum" yesterday afternoon, but that was all forgotten. So I realised that I mustn't be doing such a bad job after all and that they do love me .. even if they won't pick their clothes up off the floor!


gaye said...

This is EXACTLY what I had in mind when I posted the challenge. It makes you feel better about you and makes you realize you're a good egg (so to speak). It's a good life lesson--you're not doing so bad at being a single mom. Isn't it wonderful to get that warm fuzzy when you've been beating yourself up? It just kind of lifts you up and makes you smile all over! I'm glad you got hugs. You deserve them.

Lee said...

It's always better for the spirit to dwell in the positive - as I always remind myself with the "lemonade" theme that has taken over my life! You are doing a GREAT job :)

Traci said...

Don't you just love those hugs from little arms? They are so affirming.

Christy said...

Good job Donna. Another bright thing? You were'nt sure you could tackle this challenge- but you did it. You are capable of looking at the bright side of things. That will help take you the places you need to go!