Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Parent-teacher night

Last night was parent-teacher night for all three boys. It's really interesting to see how much they're growing and changing mentally as well as physically.

I wasn't sure what to expect because all three, yes all three, have had detentions in the last two weeks for not completing work or not handing in homework. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Andrew and Bradley's teachers are very happy with their overall progress and enjoy having them in their classes There were lots of comments about their lovely manners and willingness to help others so the regular beatings must be working (just kidding!) We just need to work on getting them more organised and improving their somewhat faulty memories! ("But I forgot it!")

Alex's teachers were, in general, happy with his attitude in class and manners but he definitely needs to improve his memory skills. He keeps "forgetting" he has homework (even though it's written in his diary), to actually do his homework and hand it in when he's finished (hence the detentions). The positive though is that all of them said he was very capable, intelligent and would go as far as he chose.

All in all, a very good result (considering the detentions!) Well done boys. Keep up the good work.

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