Wednesday, 30 April 2008


It seems I have reached 'that' stage in life - you know, the one where your doctor becomes the only person you have time to visit on a regular basis!

I have just had another skin cancer removed this afternoon and been left with five stitches in its place. I know the stitches are the better option but why can't they a least cut out some of the bits I really don't want anymore .. like the double chin and the horrendous belly. I can't really claim it as baby weight anymore .. the baby is 9 years old! Ok, no more whingeing (until next time lol).

I'll get the results of this one next Friday so if you are so inclined, please say a prayer that it's not anything serious.

PS the other one was just starting to turn into a nasty one but we got it early enough. Whew!

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Kaye said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you!!!

HappyCamper at SS