Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A busy weekend

I finished work at 3:30 on Friday afternoon and raced off to do a quick grocery shop before Bradley's friend Lachlan got dropped off for a sleepover at 5pm. Having just made it home in time, it was great to sit and have a chat with Mina (Lachlan's mum and fellow "crazy-lady"), while the very fancy dinner of oven-fried fish and chips slowly cooked. Added a bit of salad and then it was time to feed the starving hordes. Anyone would think I hadn't fed them in a week! While all this was going on, Alex was enjoying a sleepover at his friend Chris' house. Traded one boy for another one .. really need to work on those negotiation skills!

Saturday morning was like Grand Central Station around here. I slept in until 7:30am then madly rushed around trying to do the usual weekend clean, before everyone arrived to pick up/drop off various children. Mina arrived to pick up Lachlan so I sat and had a cuppa with her. Just as she was leaving, Jules arrived to drop Alex off so I sat and had another cuppa with her. After a very quick pitstop .. too many cuppas! .. I raced down to KMart to buy birthday presents for my twin niece and nephew, Kathryn and Lachlan. I'm sure every man and his mother-in-law was in Kmart and they're in the middle of changing everything around, so by the time we found what we were looking for, I wanted to click my heels together and wish for home. A very "lovely" young girl (read as sarcastic, grumpy, PMSing cow) "happily" (grudgingly) opened her register just for us so we were able to escape quicker than I'd hoped.

After dodging Andrew's repeated requests for lunch at the shops ("No. We have bread at home. You can make yourself a sandwich!"), we headed for home with intentions of catching up on the Mt Everest of washing that had managed to accumulate in three short days. Debbie arrived to save my sanity just in the nick of time, so of course there was another cuppa involved as well as adult conversation that didn't consist of telling people to stop touching/looking at/breathing on each other.

All too soon, the brief respite was over and it was back to facing the entire Himalayan mountain range of washing. How did it manage to grow from one mountain to an entire range in that short period of time you ask? Easy .. the boys emptied their rooms into the wash basket. One of these days, they will understand, if it kills me (which it probably will), that clean clothes don't actually need to be washed.

I finally managed to fall into bed at about 10:30pm (late for me .. I need at least nine hours sleep every night or I won't be held responsible for my actions!) figuring I'd be awake around the normal time of 6:00am so I didn't bother to set the alarm. Not the smartest decision I've made .. I woke up at 9:45am!! I know I must have needed the sleep but then it was panic stations to be ready to go to the twins' birthday party.

We were supposed to be at Kings Park by 10:45am and, of course, none of the boys were dressed or fed. I hadn't wrapped the presents, packed the food/drinks we were taking or charged the camera battery. I didn't even know if we had enough petrol to get there. Luckily both the camera battery and the car had enough in them to last the day. It's about a 35-40 minute drive and we caught almost every red light on the way but we still managed to make it on time .. well, only 10 minutes late. Despite that, we had a wonderful day out.

The weather was beautiful and the kids had an absolute ball playing with their cousins. They played chasey, hide-and-seek and Bradley was pressed into service as Kathryn's horse.

I managed to get the five of them to sit still long enough for a photo. It was just a shame I couldn't get them all looking in the same direction with their mouths closed and eyes open!

After everyone else left, I sent the boys off to explore a bit more in the hopes of wearing them out enough to be able to get a decent picture of the three of them. Several frustrating attempts later, I gave in and sent them to play a bit more while I slowly worked my way around the park to the ice cream kiosk. Once they figured out where I was headed, I couldn't shake them for love nor money. After an ice cream each, I tried again for a nice photo but this was the best one I could get:

Three wise monkeys .. or just three little monkeys? You decide! By the way, striking that pose was all their own idea .. this time.

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