Tuesday, 6 May 2008


I've been thinking about friendship a lot lately, especially about the different kinds of friends. I believe that friends are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Those there for a reason are there to help you learn or help you with a particular issue or problem and then they're gone again, sometimes leaving pain behind them and sometimes not. Sometimes it's the pain itself that is supposed to help you or teach you something.

Those there for a season endure through a particular stage of your life like when you first start work, or when your children are young. They are the kind of people you gradually lose touch with and wonder "whatever happened to .."

Then there are those who are just there, a part of your life whenever you need or want them to be, with no pressure or recriminations when life gets in the way of seeing of each other. These are the kind of friends you can not see for ages but when you do meet up, you pick up where you left off without any problems. They are the people who comfort you, challenge you and, best of all, accept you for who you are. There are no limitations on when you can meet these kinds of friends. They don't have to be school friends or people you've known all your life; they can even be people you've never met face-to-face (internet friends anyone? :P) They can just appear in your life and you know that you are made all the richer by having them in your life.

I used to feel sorry for myself because I felt like I didn't have many friends until I realised that it's definitely not the quantity, but the quality, that counts. I'd just like to say thank you to all my friends, especially Debbie and Jackie, for not forgetting about me and helping me to feel good about myself. To quote Jeff Fenech: "Love youse all!"

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Lita said...

I've never thought about friendship that way, but you're totally right!
Love your card too - it's lovely when friends take the time to send a card, just to show that yes, you are loved and thought of. I've been trying to do this recently, hence my frantic cardmaking. lol Just want to let people know I care and appreciate them :)