Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Catch up day

Brad hasn't been feeling well for a couple of days (tummy/bowel troubles again) so I decided yesterday that I would have today off work and see if we could "sort him out". He, in typical kid fashion, perked up and was fine as soon as his brothers left to catch the school bus. So apart from the occasional reminder to "listen to his body", I left him to read and play while I finally got to have a chat and a cuppa with Jackie, Sharon and Debbie.

I was beginning to think I had imagined these friends because between my busy life and theirs, we haven't seen each other in a loooong time. It was so calming to sit and have a conversation without having to deal with the kids interrupting every five seconds. The added bonus was that it was time spent with people I wanted to be with and really enjoy being around.

After talking to these girls, I have realised (once again) how hard we women are on ourselves. Trying to be everything for everyone, and beating ourselves up when we fall short of our own impossibly high standards, is no way for us to live the happy lives we all want so much. Luckily though, we all recognise that type of thinking as the energy sapper it is and, even though it's really hard, are trying to make a conscious effort to change the thought patterns.

Something else that Jackie raised was how we are all expected to suppress our true feelings so as not to upset anyone else. 'Nice' girls/women aren't supposed to get angry or upset or if they do, they're expected to keep it to themselves. I can understand discretion and that there's a time and a place for everything, but it becomes so much of a habit to smooth things out that pretty soon you can't actually tell what you're feeling anymore. But maybe that's just me!

Anyway, enough deep and meaningful for now. The kids have been tucked in and it's nearly time to go watch House. Now he's someone who says what he thinks without worrying about what other people think of him!

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