Saturday, 17 January 2009

And the stupidity continues ..

We have a guy at work who has been given the nickname of 'Special K' .. 'special' as in a nicer way of saying 'so amazingly stupid, how the hell is he still breathing?' Now lest you think we are all insensitive clods, we only use it to refer to him in his even-less-than-standard-stupidity moments and only when he is not present.

Now he is a nice enough person (most of the time) but is so totally not suited to being a manager that even our regular customers have giving up asking him questions. One of our regulars has gone so far as to tell him in no uncertain terms to get someone else to help her if he turns up to answer a customer service page.

He is second highest manager of the whole store and can't manage to send an email, even with someone sitting right next to him walking him through it. I even wrote the whole process down with step-by-step instructions and he still can't do it. I know some people are technically challenged but for heaven's sake .. it's not that difficult!!!

This guy is so tunnel-visioned and focused on the little, meaningless details that he often forgets where he is and answers the phone with the name of the last company he worked for. Understandable if he was new, but he has been with our company for seven years!

He is a world class delegator-of-his-work and shifter-of-blame but very quick to take any credit, whether it's related to him or not.

So, as you can imagine, it can be rather frustrating working with him. But even we hardened, cynical, 'oh-my-god-even-a-snail-is-more-intelligent-than-some-of-my-coworkers' people were amazed that when he overheard someone referring to him as 'Special K', he took it as a compliment! And has been telling everyone he comes into contact with, how respected he is because we've given him such a good nickname!

And they wonder why I'm seriously looking for another job ...

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