Friday, 2 January 2009

Overheard recently ..

"I am a princess! Deal with it!" Andrew while playing Star Wars on the PS2

"Where's that Tool Leprechaun? Oh there he is .. hiding behind that molehill." Brad playing Runescape

"Oh Mum, look at the horrendosity of this place!" Alex while shopping with me at Carousel shopping centre during the Christmas rush. Yes, he made up that word because according to him it sounds better than 'the horrendousness'.

"Ha ha. I'm much more goodlier than you! Brad to Alex while playing on the computer

Good to see my children are listening during their English classes at school. Oh well, there's always electro-shock therapy if it starts to get really bad!


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Aussie Leanne said...

I love hearing stories like these. Kids are so fun to listen to.