Sunday, 18 January 2009

A lovely weekend ..

Started with dinner on Friday night with three wonderful women who, like me, sometimes struggle with motherhood but are nonetheless doing a fantastic job of raising their kids. I'm the odd one out in that all of them have girls but it really brought home to me just how similar kids are when they want to push your buttons!

I know I say this every time we manage to have one of these dinners but we really need to do them more often, even if it's just at someone's house. A very smart person I know (Hi Jackie .. waving madly .. ) suggested that to me a while back but it kinda got lost in all the self-pity and angst over 'the incident' and various other assorted daily dramas. So people, work with me here. Let's start some sort of roster or a tentative plan ... oh no, the dreaded four letter word: 'plan' .. something's bound to go awry now!

Anyway, now the word is out there, let's try to organise something. We can even give it a name .. "Friday Night Freak Show" .. maybe not; sounds a bit creepy. "Sanity Savers" or "SS" for short. The kids already think we're some sort of nasty secret police.

Or something simple .. I know .. "SIMPLEST":

Shitloads of
Emotional and

What do you think? Probably just a bit too long, isn't it? I know it needs work but we can always get to that after doing the dishes, washing, mopping, vacuuming, refereeing fights, making breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks, weeding, etc, etc, etc ...

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