Sunday, 4 January 2009

Somebody pass the Valium .. quickly!

I have just had yet another 'conversation' with my 13yo, trying to get through his cotton wool filled head that trust is something that is earned. Once you lose it, it takes a long time to earn it back and bare-faced lying is not going to achieve anything apart from making me angrier than I was to start with.

Despite the Net Nanny and other various safeguards we have, like no internet in a closed room, he still managed to use his ATM card to attempt to purchase some upgrade or other for one of the games he and his brothers play online. Thank heavens for the fact that you can't use an ATM card, it must be a credit card or Paypal account, or he would be in even more trouble than he is now. He has been banned from the internet .. fullstop, end-of-discussion .. and unfortunately so have his brothers unless I am right there playing with them, as I just cannot trust him to not try it again.

I knew children became even more self-centered once they became teenagers but Lord above, I beg of you, grant me patience! Don't give me strength for I shall surely kill him!!!

Now where did I put that 44 gallon drum of Valium? Don't tell me it's all gone already??!!


Anonymous said...

How about I just make the hole really big and we can bury them all at once ... we can put Sarah in first!!

Baileys - I am sure there must be something stronger out there !!!!

Lee said...

Sorry, I must have used it all up on my own 13-year-old. Breathe. Pour some wine. Realize that it's only eight or ten more years, then laugh :) What else can you do?

Lita said...

Oh lordy! Haven't got any valium but Cam makes delicious Bailey's milkshakes!