Sunday, 18 January 2009

Went a bit off-topic in my last post ..

I was trying to say that we've had a great weekend.

Started on Friday with the dinner, then had a very casual Saturday. Peter volunteered to come food shopping with me so I took him up on it, thinking it would be cheaper than taking the kids. Wrong, so very wrong, but it was good to have an adult as company for a change.

After unloading the shopping, sorry, 'supervising' the unloading and putting away of the shopping, we all had lunch. The kids weren't too impressed that Peter and I had treats for after lunch and they didn't, but they hadn't done their Saturday jobs and we had, so na-na-nana-na! (insert tongue sticking out smiley here!)

I pottered around doing housework for a while then decided to read. Amazingly, that got boring pretty quickly so I decided to ..

wait for it ..

ready yet? ..


I know, I can hear the gasps of shock from here but I actually managed to get one whole page done in Peter's car album .. except for the title.

Oh, and the journalling.

And it's missing one photo that I'm sure I had last week but isn't there anymore .. but it's done .. really, it is! LOL!!

Seriously though, I managed to get him to give me some of the info he wants recorded with the photos of each car so that was a great leap forward. Now if I could just find pictures, any pictures, of some of his other cars, I would be a very happy camper indeed. I mean, how dare he say to a scrapbooker that taking photos wasn't high on his list of priorities at the time he owned those cars. Where was his crystal ball to look 8 years into the future and see that he was going to meet me, who was then going to get involved in scrapping a further 6 years down the track? I mean .. come on!

Hmmm .. I've managed to get waaay off topic again there so let's take a moment to re-group, take a deep breath and start again shall we?

OK, it started on Friday with dinner .. no, wait .. we've done that part already. Where was I up to again?

Thinking ..

Re-reading ..


At some stage during the course of Friday, Peter decided he'd like to go for a picnic to Harvey Dam (1.5 hours south of us; 2 hours south of Perth) on Sunday. He informed me of this while doing the food shopping on Saturday, so we gathered the necessary supplies and made plans.

On Sunday, we dropped some more of Clare and Richard's stuff, that we had been storing for them, off at their house, then headed south. It was a lovely drive and the picnic area at the dam is gorgeous. We had lunch and then sent the kids off to explore while we lay back on the grass and contemplated our navels for a while. Actually, I was reading the paper while Peter was contemplating my cleavage, but what else is new? (Sorry, probably TMI but I'm in a sharing mood!)

It was supposed to be a cloudy, possibly stormy day with a top temp of about 28 degrees predicted. It was a cloudy, not particularly stormy day that managed to get to 31 degrees and despite the fact that I put sunscreen on before leaving home, I'm sunburnt. I'm the only one out of the five of us who managed to get burnt and I was in the shade all day but oh well .. it was a good day out as a family.

We came home to a puppy who was so excited to see us that he kept wetting himself, but it's nice to know he missed us! The kids were in bed by 8:30 and were all fast asleep soon after (for a change!) so we might have to do this more often. Now I just have to wait for the final load of washing to finish so I have underwear for work tomorrow and then I can go to bed and have more nightmares about stocktake. Can't wait for that to be over!

Have a great week!

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Lee said...

I do hope you're having a brilliant week. I don't have your e-mail so I'm leaving your "letter assignment" here on your blog. You get the letter D and I can't wait to see your post!