Monday, 25 May 2009

Withdrawals ...

I've had no internet since Friday of last week and boy, have I missed it!

The problem is that when it rains in my street, one of the telephone line access pits somewhere along the street fills up with water and causes havoc because some of the wires' insulation has worn away. In fine weather we have no problems, obviously! The first big rain of the season and we lose phone and internet.

This time the phone was only out for about an hour (it's wire must be closer to the top of the pit so as the water drains, it dries out) but the internet was out for three whole days! It was like someone chopped off my right arm and beat me about the head with it! I never realised how much it made me feel more connected to the world outside my own four walls and how much I rely on it to do simple things like checking bank balances and paying bills. It's hard to imagine how we did things before computers, email and internet and the kids can't believe we survived and prospered back in the days of BC (Before Computers!)

In the grand scheme of things, of course, losing internet for a few days is nothing compared to the problems others have to deal with on a daily basis and that the rain caused total blackouts throughout the suburbs that lasted for three days, but it's a bit ridiculous that in this day and age, they haven't come up with a way to ensure reliable supply of these services.

Could be worse though. A lot worse ... so I'll stop my whingeing now.

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Lita said...

Oh hun I know that feeling!! Horrid isn't it lol Glad you're back now!