Monday, 18 May 2009

House guests ..

A friend of mine, Elle, has been living in Bali for the past few months. She and her two sons had residency visas for 12 months but due to the untimely death of their landlord, who had sponsored them, these visas were revoked and they had to come back to Perth to apply for new ones.

They were staying with her sister-in-law, or as we refer to her 'the anally retentive, OCD, delusional lying bitch from hell', but gave that up as a bad joke a couple of days in (the staying with her part; not the name-calling part). As a result they have been staying with me for the last week.

These are the same two boys who stayed with me while both their parents were sorting out the move to Bali back in November last year and I think that all the boys, while happy to see each other after such a long break, are at the end of their respective ropes. My boys are still in school so they get to get out of the house everyday and see the rest of their friends but the guests are getting a bit bored. There have been a few little incidents and one major hissy fit from Alex yesterday which was aimed at me. How dare I interrupt a Yu-Gi-Oh duel to request that he have a shower! Apart from that, which strangely enough was resolved by me giving him a haircut (don't ask!), it's been so easy having them here.

Elle is the best kind of house guest .. the kind that doesn't expect you to entertain them non-stop or to wait on them hand and foot .. and her stories of life in Bali have kept me in stitches for days. I'm trying to talk her into starting her own blog so I can get my fix of her sense of humour and pithy comments more regularly.

Elle and the boys are out at the consulate at the moment trying to sort out the visa snafu so I'd better go and do some housework and washing while they're not here. I may even attempt some scrapping too ...

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