Saturday, 9 May 2009

Sound familiar?

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except that in our house, it would be followed by "Muuuum! He's disturbing the air in my personal space!"

I would reply "Leave your brother and his personal space alone!"

Only to hear "He's still doing it! Make him stop!"

To which I would reply something like "Suck it up Princess!" or the ever popular "For heaven's sake you two! Go to your rooms .. NOW!!"

After which I would hear "It's all your fault!" Thwack! Thump! and then the inevitable ending of ....

"Muuuuuummm! He hit me! Now I'm bleeding. Where's the tissues? "

Aaah .. boys. Aren't they wonderful?

No, really.

Are they wonderful?

(Ask me again after I take them shopping for my Mother's Day present.)

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