Thursday, 7 May 2009

Quick update ..

I had to eat humble pie this morning when Mum showed me a different way to get to the hospital. It's 4 km longer than the way I usually go but only took 15 minutes instead of the usual 25.

Mum is fine but very drowsy. I've spoken to her tonight and she asked that we not visit until tomorrow afternoon because it's too much of an effort to stay awake. I was wondering if she would be upset if I didn't go tonight (homework police are required in full force) so now I don't have to feel guilty. Aren't I terrible?

Jackie shared the news of the addition to her family with me today. Her little one is so gorgeous .. a real little ball of fluff! Milly (or is it Millie?) is so cute it made me want another little puppy .. for about ten minutes then the functioning part of my brain kicked in! One little creature in the house at a time is enough and at the moment I have 4!

The dog has managed to steal another stuffed toy from the boys so I'd better go supervise the chase and subsequent medical treatment of said stuffed toy before the hormonal children start crying again.

I love my life .. I love my life .. I love my life .. (repeat ad infinitum)

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