Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Excuses, excuses

The reason I've haven't been posting much this week is I've been ... reading. Yeah I know, what a surprise, yada yada yada, but this time I was so engrossed I forgot to get dinner ready, do washing or even acknowledge the boys' existence. Pass the 'neglectful mother' award this way .. it will look great next to the 'uninterested wife' award!

Anyway, I have been reading the Twilight series. I know it's supposed to be aimed at the teen girl demographic, just as Harry Potter was supposed to be aimed at the tween/teen market, but it's actually surprisingly good. Well, maybe not 'surprisingly' as it obviously wouldn't be such a success if it wasn't good; more that I wasn't expecting to be as drawn into the story as I was.

I usually have little or no trouble putting a book down and doing things I know need to be done but this time I was delegating jobs left, right and centre to be able to keep reading. If Peter hadn't been home, I probably would have stayed up all night (and home from work) just to finish them. It nearly killed me to have to go to work yesterday halfway through Breaking Dawn .. not literally of course, but I was thinking about it all day. I won't say anything about how it ends and what happens in the lead up to the end so I don't spoil it for those yet to read it, but I really enjoyed all four books.

I've also been reading some more of the Stephanie Plum books as well as the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. The Maximum Ride series is another set aimed at the tween/teen market but I'm kind of at the stage where I don't want to have to think too hard about what I'm reading .. just want to go along for the ride. Ha ha, I crack myself up .. Maximum Ride, go along for the ride .. get it?

(crickets chirping in the silence)

Maybe you had to be there....


Anonymous said...

Just a couple of things:-
1. The Twilight Series - is that by Stephanie Meyer?
2. I have only read about 32 books this week (so I cannot see a problem with ignoring everything else!!)
3. The last paragraph makes you sound ever so slightly MAD!!!!

Love you!

Donna said...


1. Yes
2. Only 32? Having a slow week?
3. Only slightly mad? And here I was hoping for total lunacy. There's always next week to try again!!

Lita said...

lol I really must try twilight...eventually. And I don;t care that it's aimed at tweens. This is coming from someone who is reading the Harry series for the tenth time - I kid.you.not.