Friday, 17 October 2008

What shape are you?

Spotted this quiz on Lee's blog and thought I'd take it just for fun. As usual, comments in italics are mine!

You are a Square (hey .. watch it!!)
  • Squares don't always choose the square as their symbol, but that won't stop you from recognizing them (they're the geeks in the corner snickering at everyone else's perceived lack of knowledge!)
  • Squares are organized, logical, conservative, loyal, analytical, task-oriented, and knowledgeable(even if their knowledge is random, useless facts that have nothing to do with the topic at hand!)
  • Squares will not tolerate sloppy work and need structured settings. (can we say autistic tendencies anyone?)
  • Squares believe in following the manual. They live by the 3 P's: policies, practices, and procedures. (should be 4 P's - add in pissing people off by being pedantic!)
  • They are data collectors and will not make decisions without a thorough analysis of the data. If your boss is a square (as opposed to just being a dork!), be specific. They need things in writing, preferably with numbers (all on an organised flow chart with pretty colours and lots of arrows!).
  • They have calendars and lists everywhere. They have a plan for everyday (get up, survive, go back to bed). They plan A, B, C, D (and panic when Q or V shows up unannounced!). Why, because they are the most linear thinkers (and have no life!)
  • However they are not the strongest team players because a square tends to be a loner. Meetings just mess up their day. (oh how true .. especially when I'm stuck with the two biggest wafflers of all time!)
  • On the positive side- squares are loyal. They are the person to call if you need bail money (unless of course, they're in there with you!)
  • Squares are totally committed to friends and spouses (as opposed to committed by friends and spouses!)
  • The motto squares live by is if you want a job done right, then do it yourself. (unless you have majorly annoyed them in which case, stuff you, you're on your own!)
  • A square is a very left brained and tactical thinker. Squares take notes; they like to write everything down (and then promptly lose it amongst all the other "important" things they have written down and filed away safely for further use!).
  • Squares are the most likely shape to work late at the office because they are the hardest workers in the group (all together now .. SUCKER!!)
  • But, despite all their work, squares are slowest to make decisions because they always need more information. (can never have too much information .. snort!!)
  • Homer was a square.(Homer the poet, not Simpson) (glad you clarified that .. even though the physical resemblance is amazing!)

So what do think? Is this a fairly accurate description of me? What shape are you?

(Oh and as a true detail oriented square, please disregard all the spelling mistakes in the test!)

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Lita said...

ROFL - Love it! APparently I'm a Squiggle lol Is that even a real shape?! Off to post it on my blog